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Saturday, 14 November 2009

Communicating : another thing you need 2 persons to do

Everything and its contrary has already been said about communication, so why add more ink on this subject ? Maybe you will be interested by a simple conclusion that might avoid you tons of reading : Communication is something you have to do with 2 persons at minimum.
It sounds obvious, but in daily life, who really is focused on getting the other part's view rather than imposing it's own ?
I have a motto when any one comes by to me complaining about bad communication from the management (in many employee's mind, Management and Communication seem to be two incompatible words that exclude each other somehow...) or from any other source : I tell them when communication fails, it's never the fault of one end only. I try to open their minds by asking honestly which effort they have made personnaly in order to obtain information from the source, to understand their point of view, which sometimes when you're lucky leads to also understand part of their constraints.
We recently had a good example within my company, when we decided to implement some nice LCD screens all over the building linked to a Dynamic Display server solution. The project was decided after an all-employee survey which revealed the employees where not satisfied with transversal communication between departments. In one word they were complaining that they did not know what the neighbour mate in his office next to him was f... doing all day long ? Dynamic Display could be a good answer to this, but only under the condition that all departments would pay a regular effort to put some stories of their working life, objectives or results on it. On this basis the project started. The solution was technically interesting and the working group enthusiast, until we started to actually deploy the screens in coffee-machines areas and open spaces. At this stage, employees came back complaining this is another way for the Management to impose its top-down communication... By the time we developped the solution (6 months), they had just forgotten their part of the deal...
Now for those interested in starting an internal communication strategy, and getting it right from all what is possible in the jungle, here is an interesting starting point : concise, complete, short and practicle : http://www.civicus.org/new/media/CIVICUSInternalCommunicationToolkit.doc

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